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Maybe you mean: 'Global Car Collection 1230' or 'h2' Qualifies Every Buyer & Seller

  • Globalcar membership qualification procedures hold our traders to the highest standards
  • Our In-House Staff undergoes a rigorous background check on each company using 3rd party insurance companies
  • Dealers must be in good standing, been in business for years, with proper dealer and tax ID numbers

Buy & Sell Vehicles with Dealers Around the World

  • Qualified Dealers and Buyers can access thousands of vehicles and service providers
  • Interact with buyers, dealers, and service companies through many leads forms, and in sight Mail system
  • A one stop solution for global automobile professionals to market, sell, and interact on one easy to use platform
  • Mobile Response friendly system enables members to operate the entire system from their mobile device

“Smart” Search Cars by Nearest Port, Country, Make, Model & More

  • All vehicles, dealers, buyers, and vendors are geo-targeted by location
  • Vehicle Search can be conducted by new/used, make, model, RHD/LHD, and Location
  • Dynamic Filters allow users to simplify their search quickly

Post Cars With Info, Photos & Videos

  • Add vehicles quickly in under one minute
  • Detailed instructions on image quality and size keeps Globalcar consistent for all users
  • Add detailed information about your new car in the Details Box provided which allows dealers to be more specific about the vehicle offered
  • Add vehicles and Navigate GlobalCar on the fly using any mobile device

Real-Time Lead Generation & Email Notifications

  • Instant leads to your Inbox and to your email on a specific vehicle
  • Receive instant notifications of a new lead enables users to respond immediately

Custom Branded Dealership Web Page

  • Become visible to the world! As a paid member you will be able to customize your own dealerhship website inside Globalcar
  • Increase your visibility and SEO on major search engines
  • Drive traffic back to your website through GlobalCar

Create Custom Alerts by Vehicle Location, Make, Model, Year & Price

  • Create an alert for a specific vehicle and be notified as soon as any dealers add that vehicle to Global Car
  • Set any combination of make, model, year, price and location
  • Real-time alerts

View Detailed Analytics for Every Vehicle

  • Premium Members will be able to view real time statistics on their vehicles
  • GlobalCar Analytics system will allow Premium members to see how many clicks per vehicle, who clicked on the vehicle and from what country
  • Analytics will help Premium members track trends and make necessary changes to their desired target audience

Private Messages to Buyers & Dealers

  • Paid members will enjoy their own private secured email system
  • Each message will be automatically linked to a specific vehicle
  • Respond to your leads on the same message thread so you never lose track of your messages and offers

Post “I Have” & “I Want” Requests to Leads Board

  • All members will be able to View a Secure open forum
  • Post ”I Want” and ”I Have” leads to the forum
  • Track messages and response threads
  • Receive instant leads from Qualified members only

“Follow” Dealers to be Notified Whenever They Add A New Car

  • All members will be able to Track and Follow certain dealers if they choose
  • Saves time searching for the same dealers and products
  • Easy access to who you are following in your dealer dashboard

20+ Auto News Feeds in Your Dealer Dashboard

  • Basic and Premium Dealers will have access to thousands of Automotive Related News feeds from around the world
  • Search and View automotive news directly inside your dealer dashboard

Services Directory with 1000’s of Industry Resources

  • The Globalcar ”VENDORS” section enables members to access and interact with qualified industry leading service providers
  • Looking for Freight Forwarders, Logistics, Insurance, Financing and other service, the VENDOR section is where you can go and interact
  • Receive quotations from Vendors around the world

100% Responsive Optimization for All Browsers & Devices

  • Optimized for all device sizes including smartphones
  • Optimized for all web browsers
  • Built with SASS, the most stable and powerful professional grade CSS extension language, for a superior performance



Are you looking to only purchase vehicles?

Global Car has a buyer plan that is only $49 /month.