What is the Purpose of Globalcar.com?

Our goal at Globalcar.com is to provide a system that secures buyers and sellers when doing business with our registered traders. Buyers can save time by finding the vehicles you are looking for, in stock, at real time rates, and the ability to order vehicles from our qualified dealers.Sellers can feel confident when trading with the Globalcar.com’s “Approved Buyers List”. Globalcar is a one stop shop for car dealers and traders to market, sell, interact, and stay informed all on one easy to use system.

Why is the Qualification Process so Detailed on Globalcar?

Globalcar.com membership qualification procedures hold our traders to the highest standards.Buyers will be advised of trading records, referrals, credit and Seller ratings, etc.Sellers can access credit ratings of buyers, LC issuers, and credit ratings from third party sources.We offer an in-site messaging system to assist all negotiations and communications.

Can Non-Dealers / Individual Consumers use Global Car?

Yes! Globalcar recognizes that many page views and users to our web platform will be individuals searching for a vehicles and dealers located in their region. Even though Globalcar is primarily designed for B2B – Dealer to Dealer interaction, there are several ways to search, and request the vehicle you are looking for.

What is the ‘Dealer’ Section?

The Dealer Section is for paid members to search through all the members on GlobalCar. Users can search for location, RHD, LHD and find dealers who specialize in certain makes and models. The general public will not be able to access the Dealer and Vendor listings, but can search and request vehicles as they please on our general forms.

What is the ‘Vendor’ Section?

Globalcars Vendor section is designed for paid members to access leading service providers to the global car trading market. These vendors are mainly qualified specialists in Freight Forwarding, transportation, documentation, banking, insurance, parts, accessories etc. This section will allow members to access and message these vendors to get quotations and feedback to help streamline their car trading business.

How can GlobalCar help me drive traffic to my website and help me get more leads?

Globalcar has been online for 25 years, it is very highly recognised and respected by Google. In 2008 Globalcar was receiving over 500,000 unique viewers. Since then Global has lost ranking because it was not being updated. Now the new Globalcar, with its new management team, investors and IT department, SEO is amongst the top priorities for its members. With new SEO tools and technologies we at Globalcar feel that we can achieve 1,000,000 page views in the next 24 months and rank amongst the largest online automotive global sites in the world. Once you become a member in Globalcar you will benefit from the ground up these benefit’s and be one of the original qualified members to our site.

How can I send feedback on the new site?

We are very keen to hear all feedback, so please tell us what you think by using the button below.

We appreciate all feedback and all comments will be considered so that we can continuously improve our site for you the user. In the unlikely event that you discover a ‘bug’, glitch or something wrong with the site, please use the feedback form provided – we really do read every piece of feedback and we appreciate your help.

How much is it to register?

Please refer to the main tab called PRICING. From there you can select the level that best suits your needs. If you are an individual car buyer, there are several ways to submit your requests, either through the homepage form or when clicking on a vehicle of interest it will prompt you to fill up the form. GlobalCar will address your inquiry accordingly.

What internet browser works best?

The new globalcar platform has been tested in all major browsers and will work fine in them.For optimal performance however please note that Firefox 30, Google Chrome 37, Safari 7 and Internet Explorer 11 are the most effective. Please note, browsers older than IE 8 are not supported.Upgrading your browser is also an excellent way to maximise your online security and keep safe online.

What is the Dealer/Vendor Spotlight?

As a top ranked website online for 25 years, global car has tremendous visibility worldwide. Therefore as a premium member and paid vendor, you can benefit from our homepage advertisements which will be interactive and changing daily.

Once I am logged in, What's 'DASHBOARD'?

Dashboard will show you how to videos on certain fuctions of Globalcar, like how to add a car etc. The dashboard will also display your current followers, and statistics on who is viewing your vehicles.

How do I advertise on your website?

Globalcar has created an easy to use advertising tool to design, create, choose your location to advertise on our website platform. Depending on your membership level your company will be visible to hundreds of thousands of page views, which will help your companies SEO on major search engines. Simply Login to your user portal and click on ‘’Advertising’’ to get started.

How do I pay for my membership at Globalcar?

Simply click on pricing, choose your membership level that best suits your dealership, fill out the qualification form and Globalcar will review and reply back to you via email with your new username and password to access all the features. If you are not approved, Globalcar will email back with more questions in order to get you properly qualified. Global car uses STRIPE as a secure gateway for processing payments, therefore we use the most secure 256-Bit SSL encrypted payment system online.