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Why Invest?

Whether you are in the Automotive Industry and realize the potential of in the international trade market, a finance and insurance specialist, or consider yourself an investor in Technology and Internet Marketing, our forward thinking Team is in search of equity partner(s) that can assist with maximizing the growth potential of and future projects.


Premium Domain – History was First Registered in 1996 and it’s one of the Oldest 100 Thousand Domain Names on the Internet. is older than and older than The good news for our investors that Google and other search engines consider it a ‘premium’ domain name. Any fresh content published on this domain will easily rank very high on the search engines. This in turn generates more traffic to our site and the ability to expand advertising revenues.


Management Team

Our Team specializes in international trade with an average experience of over 20 years. This knowledge and understanding of the market and trading processes allows us to better assist our members and sponsors. By developing a “disruptive technology” that has created, we can provide a single source for all aspects of trading that will benefit all international traders.


Qualified Dealer Network

Though this site was basically dormant for 2015 and 2016, our management team has sourced previous dealers and sponsors to establish a qualified network of members that will remain in place. Through our international trade associations, we have direct access to thousands of potential members and advertisers to expand our base.


Software Development

Over the last 18 months we have update the software to current industry standards. We set up specifically to specialize in automotive trading while also programing the software with the ability to replicate the system for other products in the global market. Our Team has invested a substantial amount of time, effort and capital to ensure a successful launch of the of the “new” website.


Future Goals

International trading can be difficult for car traders. The movement and transference of goods and capital contains an inherent risk. Our long term goals are to augment advertising and networking abilities for our members to minimize trade risks and assist with all aspects of the trading process.

  • Assist traders with insured transactions through
  • Provide escrow transactions to secure trades between unfamiliar parties
  • Offer financial assistance for Letter of Credit transactions
  • Support traders with logistics, trade documentation and customs clearance