23 Feb 2017, 15:57 UTC · by Sebastian Toma / Home / News / Car Profile Volvo has made a massive comeback in the past few years, and it is now gunning for its German rivals with everything it has at hand. Unlike BMW’s M department, Mercedes-AMG, or Audi Sport, Volvo has not unleashed the full potential of Polestar. Some of you might remember that the Swedish company has acquired the tuning and motorsport specialists in 2015, and that their collaboration has since grown to something closer to what the German brands have been doing for years.
In spite of Volvo owning Polestar since July 2015, the Swedish brand has continued to focus on other aspects of its models instead of launching performance-oriented versions. This category of vehicle is popular among the clients of its rival brands, and they are known to offer suitable profit margins for those that sell them.
It is important to note the marketing and promotional values of performance cars, which help sell their regular siblings without any transplanted parts.
The first models in the Volvo lineup that are expected to get a thorough Polestar treatment to their powertrains are the S90 and V90. These are the most recent launches for Volvo, and they have been long rumored to receive a performance hybrid variant, but Volvo’s executives say that it will not happen just yet.
Instead, we do have a confirmation from Lex Kerssemakers, the President of Volvo America, of an existing plan regarding Volvo Polestar products, but it is still under internal development.
The Brits at Autocar have spoken to Jon Wakefield, the Managing Director of Volvo UK, who has told them that the brand is preparing something “very exciting and a little bit different.”
With his statement in mind, along with a promise from the same official that Volvo thinks that it “will shake up the market” with the new creation from Polestar, it is understandable why many expect the Swedes to build upon the T8 versions of the S90, V90, and even XC90.
The T8 hybrid system could reportedly be optimized for more power and enhanced torque. However, unnamed insiders claim that the real focus of the engineering team would be in throttle response and drivability, which separate a car that just haves a high power figure from a genuine performance model.

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